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The safest countries in the world to travel in 2024 have been named: a new leader has emerged

A group of Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection experts has compiled a rating of the safest countries in the world to visit in 2024.

As Express writes, Canada topped the rating, pushing out multiple leaders Iceland and Norway.

It is emphasized that as part of the study, the company’s experts interviewed travelers who visited different countries over the past five years, and also studied the Global Peace Index and the US State Department’s travel safety ratings.

In particular, Canada topped the ranking thanks to the low number of violent crimes committed there. The country was also recognized as the safest for terrorist threats, as well as for women and LGBTQ+ travelers.

The second place in the rating went to Switzerland, which was recognized as one of the safest places in the world in terms of terrorism and for women. The third row was taken by Norway thanks to the low level of violent crimes.

Top 10 safest countries in the world to visit in 2024

1. Canada
2. Switzerland
3. Norway
4. Ireland
5. The Netherlands
6. Great Britain
7. Portugal
8. Denmark
9. Iceland
10. Australia

As reported by DIP, the travel publishing house Fodor’s previously named popular destinations it is better not to go on vacation in 2024. A total of nine locations around the world are on the 2024 No List for a variety of reasons, from over-tourism and pollution to problems with access to drinking water.

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