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The perfect journey by zodiac sign: where to fly in 2023

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the best travel destinations in 2023 for each zodiac sign so that the power of the astrological chart works and your vacation is at the highest level.

Aries. Exotic food and penguins on the beach in Cape Town

Beautiful landscapes of the famous Table Mountain, and the ocean mixed with the unusual culture of South Africa – something that will suit the bold and confident Aries. Consider wine tasting and world-class dining in the evenings, then waking up early to interact with penguins on Boulders Beach.

Calf. Luxury in Paris

The city’s fame in culinary, art, fashion, and architecture has set all the right notes for the luxury-loving Taurus. Cocktail nights in chic bars, gourmet cabaret shows, and shops brimming with the world’s finest luxuries. Paris was created so that Taurus could spend its budget on travel.

Twins. Fun and friendly Ireland

Irish friendliness, the ability to start friendly conversations, and rhythmic music will appeal to the cheerful Gemini. Drinkers can distill whiskey at the distillery, while culture lovers can visit local palaces, and museums and explore the streets.

Cancer. Comfort and privacy in Denmark, Copenhagen

The love of comfort, privacy, and family time Cancer will ultimately converge with the Danish tradition of hygge. At any time of the year, Copenhagen attracts with its Tivoli Gardens, art galleries and museums, cozy shops, cafes, and restaurants.

A lion. Los Angeles, California.

There is no better place to seek attention than the conceited Leo. There’s an air of creativity in Los Angeles amid the Kardashian reality show. Snap the perfect selfie against the backdrop of some of the city’s most famous and Insta-savvy landmarks, like the Pink Wall on Melrose Avenue.

Virgo. Fiji Islands

A modest, always-thinking Virgo can relax and disconnect from external problems in the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. The inhabitants of the islands are known for their empathy, kindness, and gracious hospitality toward visitors.

Scales. Vancouver.

Libras seek balance and love orderly, aesthetically pleasing places. In Vancouver, you can go skiing and sunbathe on the largest beach in North America. All this will balance the urban landscape with the vast Stanley Park, where mature spruces grow in a dense forest.

Scorpion. Taormina, Sicily.

Emotional, secretive, temperamental, capricious, and loyal, Scorpio will converge in tastes with the temperament of Italy. See the Sicilian Palace of San Domenico, where life is chilled in the Ionian Sea and lit up by the ghost of a nearby mountain. Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Sagittarius. Wellington, New Zealand

Sagittarians will find much to enjoy in Wellington’s intellectual and vibrant culture: the UNESCO-listed city of cinema, and the city’s breathtaking natural surroundings. The intellectual Sagittarius might like the Te Papa National Museum or the bird sanctuary, many of whose inhabitants are endemic and found only in New Zealand.

Capricorn. Mexico City, Mexico

The industrious Capricorn will admire the culture and life of the inhabitants of Mexico City, who built the ancient city of Tenochtitlan on the shores of a mountain lake. Today, this same North American city hosts centuries of inter-civilizational influence, where visitors can admire Diego Rivera’s murals in the presidential palace, learn about Mexico’s rich indigenous heritage at the National Anthropological Museum, or visit the Aztec pyramids at the nearby ancient city of Teotihuacan.

Aquarius. Portland, Oregon

Progressive, independent, and idealistic, Aquarius will enjoy the energy of the Willamette River and the abundance of green spaces in the surrounding area of the city, including the famous Washington Park with the famous Rose Garden, the Children’s Museum, and the Oregon Zoo.

Fish. Kyoto, Japan

Intuitive, art-loving Pisces will love the aesthetics of Kyoto, a Japanese-style city littered with shrines, temples, and open-air gardens. The entertainment districts of Kyoto are also home to geisha, considered primarily the leading masters of fine entertainment.

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