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The most depressing month: where tourists can rest in February

Many mental health professionals call February a “depressive” month. In February, most tired of winter, heat and sun are still missing, plus avitaminosis. Many people experience the day of all lovers, because it emphasizes loneliness. “DIP” will tell you where you can relax in February.


Egypt will take 2,500 hryvnias from the newlyweds for a photo shoot

The water temperature in Sharm el-Sheikh rises to +20 ° C and there are many tourists who spend time in the water. However, the air temperature is lower, so sunbathing on the beach will not work. It is cool in the morning and in the evening, but in the afternoon you can safely walk in a T-shirt and explore the desert, famous pyramids, temples and mosques.

Dominican Republic

Tourists in the Dominican Republic have been grossly deceived: the methods used are described

The February bathing season in the Dominican Republic is in full swing. Temperatures are very high, the humidity level is comfortable, and precipitation is rare. By the way, at the end of February in the Dominican Republic is a large-scale celebration of Independence Day, which is accompanied by marches and competitions.


Indian is becoming the main tourist market for the Maldives

The Maldives are popular in February because of the number of marriages and the desire to celebrate February 14 in a warm country. There are also those who are tired of the crazy work schedule, because holidays in the Maldives are often passive – delicious food, water treatments and healthy sleep. It is in February that the weather is conducive to swimming: the air is warmed to +30 ° C, wind and precipitation are absent.


A new scourge: Thailand’s discovery of tourists from November 1 is under threat

Not only is it warm in Thailand in February, it’s also fun. Throughout the month, the festivities take turns: a flower festival, bike shows, marathons, carnivals, processions, exhibitions, workshops and more.

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