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The influx of European tenants for the winter is recorded on the Greek islands

Greek islands in the Aegean are renting in droves due to the mild climate and the expected energy crisis and high heating prices in Europe this winter. The Greek mass media write about this and expect an influx of Europeans in the cold months, BNR reports.

“No German will freeze in winter on the island of Crete,” the mayor of Chania Panagiotis Simandirakis told the German media.

Real estate agencies confirm the high demand for renting housing from Europeans for the winter. These are not only pensioners but also young families with children, whose parents have the opportunity to work remotely.

Europeans are interested not only in Crete but also in other southern islands of the Aegean Sea, where heating costs are low due to warm weather.

Hoteliers report that the tourist season has not yet ended and there are already many applications for tenants until May next year.

“This year’s tourist season for the islands is endless,” the Greek media commented.

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