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The import of sausages into Thailand was recognized as a smuggling

At Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, customs confiscated 9 kg of pork sausages. According to the Bangkok Post on October 25, the contraband was in the luggage of a passenger who flew in from Hanoi. The illegal cargo was discovered by a beagle dog. There are 14 bloodhounds on duty at the airport.

According to Thai media comments, travelers are not allowed to import meat products without proper permits. Tough measures were taken several years ago to prevent the spread of African swine fever.

Judging by the comments on social networks, tourists often take sausage products with them on the road, which risks getting into an unpleasant situation. Among the recommendations – the products should be in a small vacuum package, and it is better not to take them at all. In Thailand, supermarkets and small shops have a sufficient selection of ready-made products.

What else is prohibited from import

In Thailand, all types of electronic cigarettes and smoking devices such as Juul and iqos, pocket mini hookahs are banned. Smokers are restricted everywhere in the country. Smoking is prohibited on all public beaches, public areas, and many hotels. A thrown cigarette butt is another reason for a fine.

Tourists are allowed to carry up to 200 regular cigarettes. The import of alcoholic beverages is also limited – no more than a liter per person. At the same time, both tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are on sale in many stores.

In the traveler’s luggage, things and products must be for personal use. The presence of several packages of something can be perceived by customs officers as commercial cargo. Also, do not overload the first-aid kit – you can find any drugs in local pharmacies.

The import of quadrocopters and drones is prohibited in the country: it is necessary to obtain permission from competent services in advance. Also, you can not use even very simple walkie-talkies without a license.

Even though cannabis was recently legalized in Thailand, it is still considered a drug when smoked, with all the ensuing consequences. Hemp can be used here only for medical purposes and for the preparation of national dishes.

Violations of customs rules always heavy fines, confiscation of the “prohibition”, and imprisonment are also possible.

What cannot be exported

After successful shopping, it is important to keep checks and certificates for the export of jewelry with stones and other jewelry, and antiques. Sea shells as souvenirs – only processed, from the store.

It is forbidden to export large and unprocessed shells, starfish, and other various shells found on the beaches. Any products made of ivory or crocodile skin fall under the ban.

They will not be allowed on the plane with exotic fruits: durian – due to the strong specific smell and coconut – it does not shine through the scanner.

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