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The five cheapest countries in Europe to visit this fall have been revealed

Autumn is a great time to visit Europe because at this time there are no longer crowds of tourists as in summer, the weather is not so hot, and prices, especially for accommodation, are somewhat reduced. Travel Off Path has named the top 5 cheapest countries in Europe to visit this fall.


Tourists are drawn to the pristine beaches of this small Balkan country. Like its more famous neighbors Greece and Italy, the beaches in Albania are beautiful, with both sandy and pebble options. But for a much lower price. Meanwhile, away from the coast, Albania’s vibrant and creative capital Tirana is a great place to explore the country’s unique cultural heritage, and at affordable prices too.

The average price of a hotel room in Albania is $49, while a night in a 5-star hotel averages $81 per night. A pint of local beer will cost only $2, a cappuccino or latte will cost less than $1.50, and lunch at an inexpensive restaurant will cost about $7.


This country boasts both stunningly beautiful nature and many cultural attractions. Coffee in a Polish cafe will cost guests an average of 2-4 dollars, and lunch in a restaurant – 4-8 dollars.

The average price for a mid-range hotel room in Poland is $54 per night. However, if you wish, you can book a hotel room in the country for only $20 per night, while in the most expensive five-star hotels a night will cost about $400.


This is one of the most little-known holiday destinations in Eastern Europe. Most tourists head only to the capital Riga, although the whole country has something to offer guests. A bottle of water in Latvia will cost about 70 cents, and a beer in a bar will cost about 2.5 dollars.

Dinner for two at local restaurants will cost an average of $23. The average cost of a night in a mid-range hotel room in Latvia is $64 per night. If you’re on a budget, the best 2- and 3-star hotels start at $30 per night.


This is one of the most majestic countries in Europe. This is especially true of the capital Budapest, which boasts ornate buildings, Gothic architecture, and beautiful thermal baths. However, all this does not come with such a high price as you might expect. However, the cost of living in the low season can be 50 percent less than in the high season.

The average hotel price in Hungary is $64 per night, and a luxury standard hotel room can easily cost an average of $104 per night. A cup of coffee in Hungarian cafes will cost about $1.50, and a good lunch will cost about $10.


This country is incredibly diverse geographically – there are snow-capped mountains, Black Sea beaches, and the best-preserved river delta in Europe. Romania also boasts stunning cultural heritage sites, and the Romanians themselves are very hospitable and friendly to tourists and travelers.

The average price for a hotel room in Romania is $50, and if you’re on a budget, you can find a budget hotel room for $35. At the same time, quality housing in Romania is much cheaper than in other European countries. The same can be said about eating out, where a good meal costs only $12.

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