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The first city where people will be banned from using mobile phones has been named

Residents of a small town in France called Saint-Port, which is located near Paris, voted to stop using phones in certain places of the city, which will make life a little more difficult for tourists and residents.

Of the city’s more than 2,000 residents, only 272 voted in the referendum, with 146 votes to 126 in favor of banning the use of gadgets in public places.

Now you can see posters in the city with the inscription: “A community without screens, let’s protect our children!”

The results of the referendum led to the creation of a “screen-free charter” in the city, with the youth who were the focus of the vote now being offered alternative activities. Yes, Mayor Vincent Paul-Pety promised to build a sports center and a cinema for children and teenagers to keep them busy and active, and most importantly, away from screens.

The new decree, which the mayor will announce in the coming days, will ban the use of phones and other devices in front of schools, in shops, while walking down the street, or in large gatherings of people at large events.

Despite the vote and the new measures being implemented, there will be no real sanctions for using the phone in the city.

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