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The expert told us how not to lose luggage and documents on a trip

Travel expert and CEO of a global home care company, Lamia Walker, has revealed ways to avoid losing personal belongings at the airport.

Lamia Walker admitted that she began to think about the safety of her luggage after one day another passenger accidentally took her suitcase because their bags were the same. The mistake was revealed only when the tourists opened their luggage and found other people’s belongings. So, the expert says that he always buys bright tags for every piece of luggage, even for a laptop bag or a ladies’ clutch.

The girl also advises putting all travel and personal documents in a transparent bag.

“Did you ever feel like you forgot to pick up some documents when you left the passport control desk? Looking at the transparent folder, you will understand at a glance whether you forgot something,” Walker explained.

Another tip from Walker is to use small, compact hand luggage to get on and off trains, planes, or cars faster.

“I always have a laptop and a handbag with me, so a small suitcase is all I need on the road,” she says.

It is also important to consider that hand luggage should be comfortable: passengers can easily lift it into the overhead locker on their own, and if the bag has a strap, it is easier to move it up the stairs.

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