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The end of summer doesn’t mean the holidays are over. House on wheels provide an opportunity for year-round travel!

Over the past few years, interest in House on Wheels and caravans has increased significantly among tourists. More and more people are choosing to travel across countries in House on Wheels, instead of traditional hotel accommodation.

Traveling by House on Wheels is becoming more and more popular among tourists. “During the Covid pandemic, renting and purchasing House on Wheels has received a strong boost as travel options have been limited and there has been a need for more privacy, which House on Wheels provide excellently. Initially, House on Wheels was used for individual short trips, but now there is more and more interest in buying a personal House on Wheels or long-term rental with a full range of services, which gives more freedom to enjoy the comfort of the vehicle”, said the expert. He also emphasized that in addition to privacy, House on Wheels travel provides an opportunity for spontaneity, which is not provided by air travel or hotel stays. “With a House on wheels, you can enjoy life in cities, as well as suddenly stop for the night and enjoy walks in beautiful natural places where it is not easy to find comfortable accommodation. Also, a House on Wheels will come in handy if all the accommodation places are already occupied at some major event”, he emphasized. Even though we see House on Wheels on the roads more often in the summer, they are suitable for traveling all year round. He also added that the end of summer and autumn are excellent times for House on Wheels trips, as the popular campsites have fewer tourists and less car traffic.

The end of summer doesn't mean the holidays are over. House on wheels provide an opportunity for year-round travel!

How to choose the right house on wheels?

According to the expert, the choice of House on Wheels should be based on individual needs and comfort levels. “When choosing the right House on wheels, it is important to consider the number of passengers and their age. If you are traveling with young children, the House on Wheels must have everything necessary for their safety. You also need to make sure that there is enough space in the car for all passengers. If you plan to travel with family or friends, it is worth considering options with more than two beds”, shared the expert. An important aspect is also the availability of sufficient storage space. “If you are an active camper who, in addition to traveling by House on Wheels, also likes to ride bikes or surf, or if you like to grill, then it is important to make sure that the House on Wheels has space for bicycles, shelves and enough storage space for necessary things,” he said, talking about the factors to consider when choosing a House on wheels.

Choosing between a House on wheels and a caravan – how to decide?

According to the expert, the choice between a House on wheels and a caravan depends primarily on budget and personal preferences. “A House on wheels is more expensive to purchase, but it has more convenient control. A caravan can be bought cheaper, but it is worth remembering that maneuvering with it on the roads is not always easy, a certain experience is required for the driver. However, traveling by caravan allows you to leave it in a car camping and freely move around in a regular car without losing a parking space,” the expert explained. Therefore, before choosing, it is worth considering what trips are planned in the future.

The end of summer doesn't mean the holidays are over. House on wheels provide an opportunity for year-round travel!

How to plan a trip?

While House on Wheels travel leaves room for spontaneity, it’s important to have a common itinerary. “However, it is not worth detailing every minute, as there will always be places along the way where you want to stay longer, or there will be a desire to make an unexpected detour that was not originally planned,” the expert explained. He added that flexibility and freedom to choose the pace are important advantages of House on Wheels travel. From a technical point of view, it is also worth remembering that driving for a long time can be tiring, so the expert recommends not exceeding 500 kilometers per day.

It is also important to research suitable car campsites in advance. Abroad, especially in Europe, you need to take into account that for an overnight stay you will need to stop at special caravan parking lots. Such parking lots, as a rule, are paid, and the time of stay is limited, so when you arrive at the place, you should take this into account. You need to study the conditions of various car campsites in advance to avoid unexpected situations that may interfere with your vacation.

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