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The Eiffel Tower is rusting and in need of repair

The Guardian writes that the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris (France) is covered with rust and needs serious restoration.

Experts say that the symbol of Paris needs a real renovation, while for the 2024 Olympic Games the tower will only undergo cosmetic repairs (the cost of which, however, is 60 million euros). The structure needs to be completely dismantled, repaired, and only then repainted.

Its creator Eiffel himself believed that the appearance of rust would become the most serious problem in the operation of the tower. It is noted that applying new layers of paint on top of the old ones will only exacerbate corrosion.

“If Gustave Eiffel had visited this place, he would have had a heart attack,” said one of the employees of the company’s management tower.

The publication believes that they do not want to close the Eiffel Tower for major repairs, so as not to lose income from tourists.

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