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The conductor told me what kind of food on the train can piss off the whole car

When planning a train trip, most people think about comfort and food. In the dining car, food is quite expensive, and at stops, they do not always offer fresh products. Therefore, travelers have to take food on the train with them. However, when choosing a diet, it is worth remembering that other people travel in addition to you on the train.

Instant noodles

One of the most popular foods on the train can piss off fellow passengers in the car due to the strong pungent smell that this dish has. Even worse, when several people in the car decide to brew the noodles at the same time. The fact is that the smell from it spreads throughout the car and does not disappear for a long time, which greatly irritates passengers.

boiled eggs

This product is convenient to use on the train. Eggs do not require special cutlery, they do not get your hands dirty and do not spoil for a long time, but even the eggs that you boiled before going to the station will smell unpleasant. This is especially noticeable in the heat when all other smells from people are mixed with the “aroma” of eggs. Not every passenger can handle it.

Homemade cutlets

In the apartment, the smell of cutlets makes salivation work, but they arrive on the train less fresh. When the cutlets are warmed up, not the most pleasant smell of meat and spices spreads throughout the car, so it’s better not to take them with you on the train. Separately, I would like to note the fish cakes, which give even more flavor, annoying all travelers.

Smoked sausage

This product is also convenient to take with you on the train. Smoked sausage does not spoil for a long time even in the heat, and sandwiches with it can replace a full meal. However, after she lies down for several hours in the car even at room temperature, not the most pleasant smell begins to come from her. It is especially difficult for fellow travelers when several people take out smoked sausage at once. If you want meat delicacies, it is better to take boiled sausage on the train, it emits less flavor.

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