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Hi-tech sleeping trains to launch in Europe

Following the decline in ticket prices in Germany and Spain and the emergence of night trains, a new high-tech sleeper train is now being launched in Europe, Traveloffpath.com reports.

Austrian national railway company OBB has scheduled the launch of NightJets – luxury high-tech trains – for the summer of 2023. Experts believe that the new express has every chance to surpass the number of flight bookings.

At the moment, running has been confirmed to 25 destinations in 8 countries, including Paris, Budapest, Milan, and Vienna. Tariffs have not yet been announced, but it is already assumed that they will be reduced to 29.90 euros.

The new trains will consist of seven cars: two standard cars, and two sleeping cars, each of which can accommodate two passengers. Three more sleeping cars with four-bed apartments, as well as mini-cabins for those who travel alone and seek privacy. The most interesting addition is the new mini-suites. Their photo was shared by a well-known blogger in Europe.

The seats will be equipped with wireless phone charging and decorative lighting. The sleeping car compartment will have its toilets and showers. Seats in compartments and sleeping cars will also include breakfast.

The trains are air-conditioned and the temperature can be adjusted individually.

The trains will be able to carry 254 passengers, more than most planes. In addition, the speed of the new train will be approximately 230 kilometers per hour, it will cover long distances in a much shorter period.

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