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The best mobile applications for travel in 2022

List of useful travel applications for travelers for iOS and Android. The most popular, with good reviews, personally tested – applications that you will not miss.

Quick search for cheap flights


Convenient search of air tickets, purchase directly from the program, component routes, price calendar for finding the cheapest ticket, price map for choosing the route of travel, passport data recognition by photo, voice search


Search and compare the cost of tickets from airlines (including low-cost carriers) and ticket agencies, which allows you to find the best price. Convenient calendar of cheap prices

Hotel and apartment reservations


An application from the most popular hotel booking service around the world.


The world’s largest rental service for your travels (rooms, apartments, houses).


A well-known service for communicating and finding accommodation with locals around the world.

Search and book package tours

Level Travel

One program instead of 100 travel agents! It allows you to instantly compare tour prices from different tour operators, choose and book the best option. Search for tours with departures from all major cities of the country.

Offline Cards


Fast and detailed offline maps for mobile devices (don’t forget to download the necessary maps at home before the trip). All cities and countries. Paving routes. Search for objects on the map. Ability to bookmark (favorite places, plans). Geolocation (GPS). The application is free!


Offline maps, navigation (Android version only), search for addresses and objects, route planning, the ability to view descriptions of attractions from Wikipedia. There is a free version with a limited number of downloads / updates of maps and a paid version of OsmAnd +


An application for drawing up city routes taking into account public transport – metro, buses, trams, air express and electric trains, as well as on foot, by taxi and bicycle rental. Works in 30 cities around the world.

Attractions / guides

Azbo Audio Guide

Your personal offline guide on your phone or tablet. 50 cities around the world. Ready routes or designer of personal excursions. An application with built-in purchases


Audio guide to cities and museums around the world. An application with built-in purchases

Guides by Lonely Planet

Guides for about 200 cities around the world. Offline maps, attractions, neighborhoods, conversations, tips from locals. The application is in English

Posters Guides

Free Russian-language guides: restaurants and bars, museums, galleries, shops, calendar of city events, maps, weather and price charts, useful tips, currency converter, lists of movies and books. Guides to Barcelona, ​​Prague, Rome, London, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam, Tbilisi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Madrid are now available

Cool Cousin

An app with recommendations for places of interest from locals. There are few bridges, but over time the list is replenished with new ones (there are London, Paris, Lisbon, Rio, Rome, New York).

Find places


Reviews of all hotels, restaurants, attractions around the world. “Next to me now” function. The application is free!


Search for restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, shops nearby with reviews of establishments, reviews and photos. The application is free


Allows you to find the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, theater. The application is free

WiFi Finder

Free Wi-Fi hotspots and passwords to them around the world


Search for a public toilet nearby

Event poster


Discounts on tickets, SIM cards, entertainment and tours in different countries. It is often cheaper than on the spot and without queues. We learned about the program when planning a trip to Hong Kong – saved well on the express from the airport and bought a tour of Victoria Peak with the option “no queue”


Poster of events happening near you. Concerts, festivals, workshops, conferences, free events. The application is free, in English.

Translators / Phrasebooks

Google Translate

Offline translator, fast translation with the help of the camera of any inscriptions, signs, text, language translation. The application is free

Scanner & amp; Translator

Convenient translator of signs, plates, menus, paper instructions, excerpts from books, magazines and other paper documents with the help of the camera. The application is available in free and paid versions

Speak and translate

Translator “by ear”. Turn on the application and start a conversation with the other party. The program is able to independently determine the language of the phrase and provides translation in text form. The program records the entire dialog and allows you to save the device memory. The application is available in free and paid versions



Travel planner: build routes, combining flights and land transport – with time and prices


Simultaneously searches for and compares tickets for different vehicles – buses, trains and planes


Search engine for all bus routes in Europe. The search engine itself selects the connection between the routes of different bus companies. It is easy to compare offers from different carriers and find the best price and time route


The largest satellite search service. Base of drivers who are ready to take you on the right route. It is often here that you can find the cheapest way to get to your destination


An app for finding, calling and paying for taxis or private drivers around the world. The application is free


The largest publicly supported navigation application. Current information about the current road situation. Voice prompts, search for the cheapest refueling on the route, information about places (POI). The application is free

Navmii GPS

GPS navigator. Voice navigation, high-resolution maps, offline use, built-in Foursquare search, Google and Live POI. Ideal for travel! An application with built-in purchases

ParkMe Parking

Search and reserve a place in the nearest and cheapest parking lot nearby. Works in 500 cities around the world. The application is free


First Aid

Quick access to the information needed to provide first aid in the most common emergencies. Video, interactive tests and simple step-by-step tips have never made it so easy to learn first aid skills. The application is free, Russian-language

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