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The 10 most popular places for tourists to see the Northern Lights this year

Expedia has released a “Guide to the Northern Lights”, which contains tips on the best places to see this mesmerizing phenomenon, Time Out reports.

It contains information about the most accessible time of year to see the Northern Lights, which experts say is between April and November, as well as tips from professional photographer Tor-Ivar Ness on how best to capture the phenomenon on camera.

Expedia also researched the destinations that are attracting more travelers to see the Northern Lights to find out the most popular sighting spots. Lapland, known as the birthplace of Santa, took first place at the top. From here you can see one of the brightest northern lights on earth. In second place is Churchill in Canada, which saw a 140 percent increase in hotel searches in 2023. Finland also ranks third with Rovaniemi.

Top 10 destinations to see the Northern Lights in 2024 according to Expedia:

  1. Lapland, Finland;
  2. Churchill, Canada;
  3. Rovaniemi, Finland;
  4. Narvik, Norway;
  5. Kirkenes, Norway;
  6. Kalfafell, Iceland;
  7. Inari, Finland;
  8. Abisko, Sweden;
  9. Isle of Skye, Scotland;
  10. Tromso, Norway

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