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Thailand opens the way for tourists to the era of dinosaurs and giant trees

Thailand, original in contrast and uniqueness of its sights, has long earned the recognition of curious tourists from all over the world. The latest finds make the kingdom even more attractive for seasoned travelers. About unique novelties and the most non-standard requests of tourists.

Thailand is a fascinating kingdom, capable of giving tourists exactly what they need for an unforgettable holiday. For inquisitive tourists, Thailand shows places that are truly unique from a historical, natural, and architectural point of view, which are remembered for a lifetime. And there are more and more places like this every year.

Footprints of new dinosaurs discovered in Thailand

Great news for tourists with unusual requests for a holiday in the kingdom came the other day from the Phu Faek National Park, located in the northeastern province of Kalasin, which has a reputation as the land of dinosaurs. It is here that Thai archaeologists have discovered the most dinosaur remains in Thailand. And it was in Kalashin that the first paleontological museum in Thailand was opened, called the Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum. There are expositions of the Mesozoic era, the era of the first mammals, as well as an exposition devoted to archeology in general.

In Phu Phek Park, at the end of the last century, real dinosaur paw prints were discovered and preserved in the rock. Archaeologists have established that the lizards that left traces lived about 140 million years ago. Until recently, four tracks were visible.

At the end of January, the park reported new finds. They found 10 more dinosaur footprints, which archaeologists believe belonged to one of the species of carnivorous dinosaurs. According to scientists, this dinosaur was probably about 2 meters high and about 5 meters long. The size of the discovered traces is from 21 to 30 centimeters in length and from 17 to 31 in width.

This is the first discovery of footprints or any evidence of this particular dinosaur species in Thailand, making the find an important discovery.

The management of the park has no doubts that the finds will attract even more tourists to the park, who, in addition to the rich flora and fauna, are interested in traces of the distant past.

After visiting Phu Phek Park, tourists usually take the time to explore the city of Kalasin. They also visit the ancient city of Fa Det Song Yang, which flourished, according to various sources, in the 8th-9th or 13th-15th centuries. And every year, in August, the colorful silk festival Kalasin Pong Lang takes place in Kalasin.

Kalasin has located just 520 km from Bangkok. There is no airport in Kalasina. You can fly to the city of Khon Kaen, which is 50 kilometers from Kalashin. Can be reached from Bangkok by bus. The journey will take about 8 hours.

Where to see a giant tree in Thailand

Another bright greeting from the past is conveyed to tourists by a unique attraction located in the province of Tak. In 2003, a petrified trunk of a huge tree was discovered on the territory of the Doi Soi Malai National Park. Its scientific name is Malacca Compassia (Koompassia malaccensis). Since 2016, the find has had a protected status. And in the summer of 2022, the fossil tree was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest object of its kind.

When the tree was discovered, its trunk length was 72.22 m. But later the excavation area was flooded, and the top of the tree was slightly damaged. As a result, now the length of the fossil is 69.7 m. The thickness of the trunk at the base is 4.8 m, and in the middle part, it is about 1.8 m.

Jathuporn Buruspat, Permanent Secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources, said the petrified tree should be developed as a landmark in the fields of archeology, geology, and natural history.

At the Guinness World Records ceremony for the tree on July 8, 2022, Tak Somchai Kitcharonrungrot, Governor of Tak Province, said the area around the tree is planned to be turned into a geopark.

Thus, tourists will soon receive a new and unique geological attraction.

A tree that can’t stand the love of tourists

Speaking of rare trees, one cannot pass by a hundred-year-old tree, which almost completely occupies the small island of Koh Khai Hua Rho, a few meters wide in the province of Trat.

After a similar tree appeared in the pages of the popular Thai comic Khai Hua Roh, fame came to the tree. Thousands of locals and tourists flocked to the province of Trat to take pictures of the tree. Tourists for the sake of a selfie climbed a tree, breaking its branches. Numerous tourists trampled down the roots of the tree, with which it clings to the rocks. In a word, the guests would “love” the tree to death. But the authorities paid close attention to the current situation and began to correct it.

Local authorities are developing measures that will prevent the plant from dying at the hands and feet of tourists. Special places for photographs will be established, the number of visitors will be limited and it will be forbidden to visit the island during certain seasons.

You can get to Trat province either by bus from Bangkok or by plane.

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