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Thailand may introduce dry law for tourists

At resorts in Thailand, the arrests of restaurant owners continue, who sell alcohol to visitors after 21:00 in violation of established rules. So, in Pattaya over the past week, more than a dozen businessmen have already been detained, reports The Thaiger portal.

It is noted that mainly the establishments are trying to create the appearance of the premises that are not functioning in the evenings. For example, they turn off the lights and music, but continue to serve guests, most of whom are foreign vacationers. Somewhere use disposable plastic dishes to serve alcohol under the guise of juices, and in some places the sale of drinks is carried out in advance, until 9 pm, while visitors receive their orders later.

Police will continue to raid public places in Thailand. It has not yet been reported about the detention of tourists for non-compliance with sanitary requirements when visiting bars, restaurants and cafes. Checks are carried out mainly at night. What punishment the violators face is not specified. According to representatives of law enforcement agencies, due to the negligent attitude of business towards antiquity measures, as well as the deteriorating epidemiological situation, a complete ban on the sale of alcohol is not ruled out in the near future.

Recall that today the territory of the kingdom is divided into two color zones: “orange”, which includes 69 regions, and “blue”, consisting of 8 provinces and 18 tourist areas. Catering points located in the “orange” area may work as usual, but not offer alcohol to guests. At the same time, in the “blue” zone, bars and pubs remain closed, and restaurants with SHA + or Thai Stop Covid 2+ certificates are allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to customers until 21:00.

Pattaya belongs to the “blue” territory, where bar owners have the opportunity to temporarily register their establishment as a catering facility and be certified under the SHA Plus programs from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports or Thai Stop COVID 2 Plus from the Ministry of Health. Only upon receipt of the necessary documents confirming compliance with sanitary safety standards, the restaurant will be entitled to serve alcoholic drinks to guests at certain hours.

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