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Thailand is shocked by a new method of counterfeiting gold jewelry

In Thailand, tourists were warned about a new method of counterfeiting gold jewelry — this statement was published by the Thai press with reference to the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT). The main problem is that it is impossible to distinguish a fake without special research, which is what the researchers are alarmed about, reports.

To counterfeit, scammers mixed stainless steel powder with gold, making it virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. They then turn this mixture into vintage-style gold coins, making it nearly impossible for consumers to identify the counterfeits without special equipment.

Even small laboratories without the necessary tools cannot detect counterfeit gold due to the complex mixing methods used: to identify a counterfeit, you will have to either melt the coin or cut it: real gold will look uniform and shiny when cut, but if layers of different metals are visible, this probably means that other metals were mixed into it.

“Gold counterfeiting techniques are evolving to evade detection, especially as the value of gold has increased. This has prompted criminals to look for more opportunities to make a profit,” say GIT experts.

According to them, both gold shops and pawn shops are increasingly becoming victims of the sale of counterfeit gold.

GIT advises tourists who want to buy gold to choose stores that have received quality certificates from reliable agencies. These include, for example, stores that participate in the GIT-certified Buy with Confidence (BWC) program.

If in doubt, it is recommended to contact the national laboratory for testing precious stones and jewelry; it has modern equipment that allows you to clearly distinguish real gold from fake gold without damaging the product.

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