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Tens of thousands of participants of the festival Burning Man stuck in the desert

In the state of Nevada, USA, tens of thousands of participants of the Burning Man festival got stuck in the desert due to a prolonged downpour. CNN tells more.

The Burning Man festival annually gathers dreamers ready to create a future city in the desert, which will completely disappear as soon as the holiday ends – all installations are burned. The event starts on the last Monday of August at 00:00 and lasts eight days.

To date, thousands of people who came to the holiday are stuck in the desert: the earth has turned into viscous clay because of the rain. The road to the event site is closed due to washed-out roads.

Festival organizers urged participants to save food and fuel and wait for help in a safe place. According to the statement of the authorities, the weather conditions will improve only on Monday evening, September 4.

However, some visitors leave the camp on foot. To get to the nearest road, where traffic is still running, they need to walk several kilometers on viscous soil.

According to CNN, it is not known how many people are stuck at Burning Man, but traditionally it has an average of about 70,000 people attending.

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