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Slovakia closes borders with neighboring countries for two weeks

З 24 травня до 8 червня у Словаччині діятиме внутрішній прикордонний контроль із «сусідами»: Австрією, Угорщиною, Чехією та Польщею.

The decision to close the borders was made to ensure security during several major events in the country at once. This is how the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country commented on the situation.

Within two weeks, while internal border controls with four countries are in place, the annual Bratislava Global Security Forum GLOBSEC, a meeting of members of one of the world’s largest motorcycle clubs “Hell’s Angels”, a major concert, sporting events and much more will take place.

The mass participation of not only Slovak but also foreign guests is expected in the events.

The Ministry emphasizes that the purpose of introducing border control is to ensure public order, as well as security on the territory of Slovakia.

Targeted checks at points of entry will be carried out by the police, the Armed Forces, and other security agencies.

As long as there are internal checks at the borders with Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary, entering Slovakia through one of these countries is possible only at certain border crossing points.

But hunters, fishermen, and workers engaged in agriculture, if their activities are carried out within five kilometers of the border, are exempted from inspections. Tourists traveling by train and plane will also not be affected by the restrictions.

To expedite the process of crossing the border in the next two weeks, the Ministry recommends that everyone keep their travel documents ready.

EU citizens can cross the border by presenting their national identity card. Citizens of other countries are required to present their passport and visa.

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