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Russian children began to be evicted from hotels in Turkey

Russian children who have been resting since July 19 in the Hummingbird camp in Turkey were evicted from it due to overbooking.

As some media reported on Friday, on the night of August 2, about 90 children were evicted from the hotel in the village of Goynuk, where the camp was located, because the Russian tour operator from which the vouchers were purchased did not pay for the hotel.

The children spent the night in the park, and they settled in another hotel, already in Beldibi, only the next day. However, he also informed me that the rooms were paid only until the middle of the day on August 5th.

Representatives of the Hummingbird camp voiced different versions of what happened. So, according to one of them, the children were relocated due to “the proximity of fires in Kemer and only after breakfast.” According to another, the hotel is not extending the stay due to overbooking, and the children will be sent home ahead of schedule on August 5 (should have been on August 9).

Recreation for children was organized not by a tour operator, but by an individual entrepreneur. The parents had neither itinerary receipts, vouchers, nor documents confirming the organization of the holiday. They got one-way tickets.

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