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On the beach in New Zealand, tourists were horrified when they came across a shoe with a human foot

Tourists horrified to stumble upon shoe with a foot sticking out: Holidaymakers at Petone Beach in New Zealand accidentally discovered a shoe washed ashore with a severed foot inside. The terrible find worried residents, who are now afraid to come across their favorite place of rest and other similar “clothing items”.

Police in the Wellington region confirmed that the search for other remains of the body is underway at the place where the shoe was found, but they are not in a hurry to share information about the identity of the deceased and other details of the investigation. According to Detective Steve Williamson, a criminal case has not yet been opened.

Meanwhile, residents are excited by the gruesome find. “We come here with children, and no one knows if we will come across the second leg,” says one of the beachgoers.

However, such finds are not so rare for beaches in this and other areas. Since 2007, more than 20 feet wearing boots, sneakers, and other footwear have been washed up on the US coast alone.

Less dramatic stories are also known. Last year, The Daily Star reported on a gruesome find on the beach: the body of a dead woman washed ashore. However, it soon turned out that it was an incredibly realistic silicone sex doll that someone had thrown into the ocean.

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