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Named the best capitals of Europe in terms of price and quality for tourists

The capitals of Croatia, Greece, and Slovenia are among the top 3 best tourist destinations in Europe in terms of price and quality.

The Mabrian travel information service has compiled a ranking of the best European cities based on the ratio of price and quality of services for tourists, based on data from June 2022.

The top three European destinations are Zagreb (Croatia), Athens (Greece), and Ljubljana (Slovenia). The study relied on indicators of air connectivity, average hotel prices, and overall tourist satisfaction.

Zagreb demonstrated the best value for money in June 2022. Even though the capital of Croatia occupies one of the last places in terms of opportunities to get there by air,

Zagreb offered a very competitive price for accommodation compared to other European destinations.

Athens came in second. Despite the developed air traffic, the capital of Greece this year has higher hotel prices and a slightly lower level of foreigner satisfaction than Zagreb.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, ranks third. The limited network of air routes with the rest of Europe did not allow it to rise higher in the ranking.

The full list of European top value travel destinations includes 11 more cities:

  • Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Athens, Greece)
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Rome, (Italy)
  • Vienna, (Austria)
  • Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Madrid, (Spain)
  • Milan, (Italy)
  • Dubrovnik (Croatia)
  • Berlin, (Germany)
  • Amsterdam, (Netherlands)
  • Paris, (France)
  • Barcelona, ​​(Spain)
  • London, (Great Britain)

Major European capitals have lost ground mainly due to high hotel prices.

For example, London and Paris, although they have by far the best air links to the whole world, “suffer” from a very high average price. In addition, these two capitals cannot satisfy tourists as much as they would like to. Visitors are particularly dissatisfied with the hotel service in London and the offer of tourist services in Paris.

Other major tourist cities such as Barcelona, ​​Berlin, and Amsterdam are also lower on the list due to their high hotel rates and growing demand for less crowded and more authentic places.

Dubrovnik and Lisbon are the leaders in the “security index”, followed by Milan and Madrid. In contrast, at the bottom of the index are Berlin, Barcelona, and Vienna.

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