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Named the 10 worst airlines in the world for complaints, service and food

The rating of the worst airlines in the world was presented by the luggage storage service Bounce.

Popular European low-cost carriers, such as Ryanair and EasyJet, also included the Portuguese airline TAP, which is popular with Russian tourists, and Ukraine International Airlines, which is popular with Ukrainian tourists.

According to the experts themselves, the criteria for choosing the worst company were taken into account primarily by complaints from tourists. In addition, criteria such as seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, meals and baggage allowance were analyzed.

“We all know how unpleasant it is to be in a cramped cabin without Wi-Fi or to wait for hours in the departure hall. That’s why we analyzed the impressions of passengers, as well as the punctuality of airlines and the maximum rate of baggage for both domestic and international airlines to see which airline is the least suitable for tourists, “- say Bounce.

For each criterion, the service gave scores on a five-point scale, starting with one. The lowest score was given to Colombian Viva Air Columbia, which received a “minus unit” in all indicators. The Portuguese airline TAP, in turn, had the most complaints in six months – 1430. European low-cost carriers, on the other hand, mostly lose because of their “vulgar” baggage policy – some do not allow free luggage but also hand luggage.

The full anti-rating with the ratings issued by passengers looks like this:

  1. Viva Air Columbia, Colombia, 3.4 points
  2. Viva Aerobus is a Mexican low-cost carrier, owned by another anti-rating leader, Ryanair, with 3.6 points.
  3. Volaris Airlineas, Mexico 4 points
  4. Ryanair – 4.2 points
  5. Interjet is another Mexican airline with 4.6 points
  6. Vueling Airlines – Spanish low-cost carrier based in Barcelona, ​​5. points
  7. EasyJet, UK – 5.3 points
  8. TAP, Portugal – 5.3 points
  9. Ukraine International Airlines – 5.3 points
  10. Swoop, Canada – 5.8 points.
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