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Named Spanish resorts, where the most harassment and rape

Spanish experts said there is a link between high levels of youth tourism and sex crimes.

Sociology professor Mikel Novajra believes that tourism in “party” resorts creates “opportunities” for the commission of sexual violence. Among some tourists in such resorts, the rule “everything is allowed” prevails. They believe that they can do here what is forbidden to them in their country:

“A tourist comes, and for one or two weeks he can do whatever he wants.”

At the same time, according to the sociologist, most harassment happens in resorts where many Britons come.

According to experts, the number of reported sexual assaults is especially high in resorts such as Magaluf, and Mallorca, as well as other popular resorts such as Sant Antonio in Ibiza.

The sociologist added that the growing “objectification of women” through social media is also responsible for the increase in cases.

Experts suggested that staff in nightclubs and other evening establishments should receive additional training to deal with risky situations.

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