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Named countries where trousers cannot be buttoned after a holiday

Usually, on vacation, you want to forget about everything useful and enjoy all sorts of excesses. The result is predictable: many people bring extra pounds from the resorts along with souvenirs and impressions. Tourism experts have named countries whose gastronomic temptations are especially difficult to overcome.


Quite predictably, the first place is occupied by Türkiye with its “all-inclusive”. Mayonnaise salads, oriental sweets, cakes with cream, and other carbohydrates – it can be impossible to resist because all this luxury is paid for in advance. And why not take something tasty to your room? Another risk factor is a leisurely beach holiday: those who prefer to stretch out on a sun lounger after breakfast rather than run on an excursion come home with a somewhat rounded silhouette.


Yes, all-inclusive is also available in Cyprus, but that’s not the only thing. In local taverns, meat and fish are served in such quantities that one lunch would be enough for the whole day. Especially when it comes to meze – a set lunch consisting of many different dishes: appetizers, cheese, chops, sausages, seafood, and tempting cakes. Local wines and liqueurs are very thick and sweet, therefore high in calories.


Pilaf, manti, samsa, shish kebab – everything is so fatty and tasty that you begin to gain weight just from the sight and smell of these masterpieces of Uzbek cuisine. In a country where the cult of food reigns, no diets are accepted. Not a single tour in Uzbekistan is complete without a substantial feast, and getting to know local culinary traditions begins on the plane: it is believed that on Uzbek Airlines flights you are fed from the heart.

Other CIS countries, such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, provide worthy competition to Uzbekistan. Tourists from these countries also become rich.


Residents of Portugal know a lot about food and are always not averse to having a good meal, and at the same time feeding their guests. Who in their right mind would resist being served juicy cold cuts, pork stewed with shrimp or flaky cataplana in the heat? It’s scary to even think about dessert after such a feast, but the locals love sweets so much that they will easily offer to finish off a hearty meal with macaroons with sour cream or pasta cakes. In general, no one will leave hungry, nor will anyone go thin: in just a week or a little more in this hospitable country it’s easy to gain a couple of kilograms. The famous port wine also does not contribute to slimness.


Food from American fast food chains turns even the thinnest and loudest into very well-fed individuals. How could it be otherwise when all kinds of hamburgers, sandwiches, popcorn, and French fries follow you at every step? It’s hard to refuse when passing by because such a pleasant smell always comes from there! Which wakes up your appetite, even if you recently ate a lot. There is only one salvation: active sightseeing tourism as a chance to spend accumulated calories.

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