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Mysterious ‘mini-sharks’ scare tourists off San Diego

Tourists holidaying in San Diego resorts have complained of little biting predators in the water attacking from all directions, reports Dailymail.co.uk.

Tiny “mini-sharks” wreak havoc along California’s coastline, biting swimmers on the legs, and causing pain and discomfort.

“It hurt! I screamed! I jumped out of the water, and it was shocking. I had blood all over my foot. It was like I was bitten by small piranhas,” San Diego resident Tara Sauvage told CBS8.

Experts have long tried to find out what kind of predators attack people. It turned out that these are tiny crustaceans of the genus Excirolana Chilton. The carnivorous insects grow up to 0.3 inches (about 8 millimeters) long and travel in packs of up to 1,000 critters, Live Science reports.

Mysterious 'mini-sharks' scare tourists off San Diego

Tara Sauvage explained that after 15 minutes the pain was gone, but the tourist will not go to the beach shortly.

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