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Munich Airport is testing a new service for passengers

The control system at Munich International Airport today is one of the best in Germany. Despite this, there is a plan to improve passenger service processes. As part of these events, a new service is being launched in Munich: the Express Queue reservation system.

Munich Airport aims to manage the flow of passengers in front of the checkpoints at Terminal 1 more efficiently, thereby reducing the time travelers spend in the airport building. Now those flying outside the Schengen area have the opportunity to test a new service for themselves: get a 30-minute free express access to security checkpoints and passport control.

Passengers can book a seat in the “Express Queue” on the official website of Munich Airport. The service is available daily from 06:00 to 03:00 in departure areas B and C of Terminal 1. The last free slot is provided no later than 90 minutes before departure. After check-in, passengers wishing to use the Express Queue must have time to get into the Express Queue within the time allotted to them. By scanning the QR code from the booking form, passengers proceed directly to the control point through a separate entrance. The same QR code provides quick access to passport control. The new system will work in test mode for two months. The further fate of the “Express queues” by the QR code will be determined by the results of testing.

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