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Montenegro announced its independence from Russian tourists

Prime Minister of Montenegro Spajic Milojko made an interesting statement during the World Economic Forum in Davos. The official announced that the country got rid of dependence on Russian tourists.

As reported by Alo online, the head of the Montenegrin government announced that the Montenegrin authorities managed to reduce the share of vacationers from Russia, and in general, it is ready to declare independence from the Russian tourist market and investments.

“When I became finance minister in 2020, we inherited a country whose infrastructure was built entirely by companies funded from outside the EU. As a tourist country, we receive millions of tourists every year, and most of them come from Russia. And the investors were almost exclusively from outside the EU,” the politician said.

According to him, it was confusing because Montenegro is geographically close to the center of Europe and uses the euro as its national currency. In other words, the Russians did not fit into their idea of tourism in the region. “We have done a lot to change this, and now the share of Russian tourists is about 7-8%. It is much less, and the participation of the Russian tourist market can be replaced, our dependence on them has decreased,” said the prime minister, adding that the country has also reoriented itself towards the EU in infrastructure projects.

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