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Mexico bans cigarette smoking in all public places

In Mexico, a ban on cigarette smoking in all public places, including beaches and hotels, came into force on January 15.

Violators face fines ranging from $50 to $300 or arrest for 36 hours.

At the same time, hotels can allocate outdoor smoking areas, but they must be at least 10 m away from other objects.

Restaurants and bars that allow smoking in their establishments can be fined up to $46,000.

In addition, since mid-January, Mexico has introduced a complete ban on the advertising of tobacco products, and tightened the rules on electronic cigarettes and vapes – they cannot be imported, sold, or used in public places.

Mexico is not the first country to have strict smoking bans, but the first to have them so totally. For example, in Ireland, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Spain, and Hungary, there is a complete ban on smoking in closed public places. Smoking on beaches is prohibited in Thailand. And at the end of 2022, New Zealand authorities voted to ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after January 1, 2009.

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