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Messi to be paid $25 million for Saudi Arabia holiday

The Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia and the Argentine striker have entered into an agreement that should improve the country’s image in the world, reports Sports.

In May 2022, Messi visited Saudi Arabia for the first time. After relaxing on the Red Sea, he posted a photo on Instagram. It is believed that this was the beginning of cooperation between the football player and the ministry, and this visit brought Lionel about $ 2 million.

According to The New York Times, Messi will receive about $25 million over three years from this contract.

Messi to be paid $25 million for Saudi Arabia holiday

We are talking about participation in commercial activities, posts on social networks, and paid holidays in Saudi Arabia, which the player must spend with his family. Messi must share photos from his trips and tag them with a ministry-approved hashtag.

Messi to be paid $25 million for Saudi Arabia holiday

Messi’s contract with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism includes the following items:

  • Approximately $2 million for one five-day family vacation per year, or two three-day annual holidays. The country’s government must pay expenses and five-star accommodation for Messi and up to 20 of his family and friends.
  • Another $2 million to promote Saudi Arabia on the footballer’s social media accounts 10 times a year, separate from advertising the holiday in the kingdom.
  • About 2 million more dollars – for participation in the annual tourism campaign in Saudi Arabia.
  • Another $2 million is for charity and public speaking.

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