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Mass brawl in Hurghada: tourists, and cafe workers went wall to wall against car wash workers

A massive wall-to-wall brawl in which seven people were injured at once took place in Hurghada. All participants in the fight were local, but it happened clearly because of the tourists. More precisely, because of what prevented these tourists from attracting.

A fight broke out between the cafe owners and car wash workers next door. According to the Egyptian media, during the investigation, it turned out that at first the cafe worker “started a skirmish” with the car wash workers. They expanded their territory somewhat – and began washing motorcycles directly in front of the cafe window. Not that washing cars anywhere was an unusual situation for Egypt – however, such an environment reduced the chances that a large number of tourists or even residents would “wander” into the cafe. About what the initial skirmish arose.

As a result, the squabble turned into a fight, where at first the owners of the cafe inflicted “individual bodily injuries” on the washers. After that, they called for reinforcements and “pulled stones” at the cafe workers.

There were no serious injuries – mostly the police, who broke up the fight, reported on the received “bruises and abrasions” on the victims. And also that both sides accused each other of inflicting bodily harm on them.

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