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Many resorts want to get rid of tourists of the same nationality because of their disgusting behavior

From naked photos at military memorials and inappropriate raffles at the airport, to lying in garbage containers and carjacking – many resorts around the world are tired of such strange behavior of foreign tourists on vacation. We are talking about British travelers, who for some time have ceased to be welcomed abroad with open arms.

As noted by the Daily Mail portal, many resorts in different countries want to get rid of tourists of mainly one nationality because of their unpleasant behavior. Residents are rightly indignant when vacationers, while in a foreign country, disrespect local culture and violate laws and norms of behavior. British tourists, in particular, are famous for their riotous acts — noisy drunks, naked catwalks, racing on stolen buses, and other absurd antics in public places.

As a result, other tourists get negative experiences and impressions from staying at the resort, and this negatively affects the development of tourism in the region. Not happy with the actions of the British, which did not dry up, and the local population. Here are just a few of their bad manifestations, because of which resorts want to get rid of unpleasant guests.

First, they were noted for their terrible behavior near historical monuments.

British tourists often go beyond the norm, including near historical sites and memorials. So, in Rome, one of the riotous Britons decided to climb into the fountain of the war memorial and pose there naked, annoying others. He was later joined by his friend and the two men played in the water at the foot of the Altar of the Fatherland, a monument to the war dead that was originally built to honor Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a united Italy. Others filmed the strange behavior of visitors on their phones. It should be noted that the Italian police did not have time to promptly arrest the violators, but managed to track them down. Invaluable help in arresting criminals was provided by video clips of eyewitnesses.

Secondly, they make funny jokes at airports.

British tourists also lit up at the airport of the Greek island of Zakynthos. One of them took the courage to reach the airport employee’s microphone and announce to his tired compatriots that the flight to Manchester was delayed for six hours. His false message caused a commotion among the waiting and airport staff. It’s good that everything was resolved quickly – the security service twisted him and sent him for questioning, so he missed his flight.

Third, dive into the canals and compete with the local boating team.

British tourists show inappropriate behavior on the water. One example is a drunken Newcastle fan who, incited by his fans, jumped into the Milan canal and staged an impromptu race with a local rowing team. However, he did not manage to overtake any gondola. He managed to swim only a few meters, but eventually, he slowed down and was already swimming in humiliation, listening to the cheers of disappointed fans.

Fourth, riots are organized and vehicles are stolen.

Sometimes drunk British tourists riot. For example, they steal a bus while intoxicated. This happened in Benidorm: a drunk driver lost control and crashed into cars and motorcycles that were in his way. “It was lucky that there were not many people around at that time of the night, otherwise everything could have turned out much worse,” one of the eyewitnesses noted at the time.

Fifth, they climb into garbage cans and get stuck there.

For example, recently a drunk British man got stuck in the narrow opening of a garbage container in Malaga, Spain, as a result of which the firemen and the police had to be called to his rescue.

Sixth, they run naked through the streets.

Groups of British tourists more than once undressed and ran naked through the streets of Magaluf. Such behavior is provocative and disrespectful to others.

In addition to these violations, the British have committed many more rash acts while on vacation under the influence of alcohol.

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