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Italy has increased the quota for work permits for foreigners for 2023

The Italian authorities have announced a decision to increase the work permit quota for foreign unskilled workers and start-up visa applicants from third countries to 82,705 in 2023.

According to the government, 7,000 more foreigners will be able to apply for a work permit this year than last year. By increasing the quota of work permits, Italy wants to solve the problem of labor shortages throughout the country.

Work quotas are for applicants in certain markets and do not apply to foreigners with “highly qualified work permits”.

Of the total number of places for this year, 44,000 are reserved for seasonal work, and 31,205 for employment in industries such as tourism, telecommunications, and construction.

Another 7,000 vacancies are available to foreigners who have a residence permit in Italy or another EU country and wish to change their status.

Finally, 500 seats are reserved for the self-employed, including startup owners, entrepreneurs, famous artists, executives, auditors, and board members of Italian companies who have been in their current position for at least three years.

Applications for work permits under the 2023 quota can be submitted from March 27, 2022. Applications are promised to be considered within 30 days after submission, and the document will be automatically sent to the Italian diplomatic missions, which are responsible for issuing visas.

The agricultural sector in Tuscany today employs about 24,000 migrant workers – more than 53 percent of the total number of workers. Experts predict that their number will only increase in the coming years.

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