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Italians will compensate tourists for vacation costs

In an attempt to avoid bankruptcy, the famous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with its shores washed by the Venetian Gulf of the Adriatic Sea, has taken unprecedented measures. For the first time in world practice, reimbursement of expenses for tourists arriving in the region by train from Italy is promised. And they are also entitled to a very tempting bonus card: it will provide free visits to museums and guided tours, payment of transport costs and discounts in restaurants and shops. At a reduced price, you can even visit theaters, exhibitions, and swimming pools.

But to receive compensation and a card, you need to spend at least two nights in the province. This is not difficult, because the entire infrastructure here is conducive to this. Until recently, the area suffered from an invasion of tourists who rushed to the ancient cities and sunbathed on the beaches considered one of the best in Italy. Crowds of visiting people even unnerved the locals.

The local tourist board, which enjoys no less influence than the regional authorities, announced that the financial lure will be valid from this October until May 31 next year. The cost of tickets will be refunded to those tourists who come to Trieste, Udine, and the resorts of Grado and Lignano Sabbiadoro.

In this way, the Italians hope to lure more wealthy travelers from the US and the UK. Germans, Czechs, and Austrians have now become even more economical and do not bring big profits to the tourist complex.

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