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It’s the end: the temperature has reached 60°C, tourists are ordered to flee the beaches

“This is the end, you’ll have to flee the beaches soon!” – a statement from a British TV show for tourists is quoted by the Spanish press. The reason is the “wave of hellish heat” that covered European resorts. Tourists are warned that the temperature near the surface of the earth has reached and even exceeded 60 ° C – this is the temperature at which you can bake scrambled eggs on the sand right on the beach. The air is expected to reach +48 degrees, which is deadly.

However, these temperatures have so far been recorded only in the region of Extremadura in the west of Spain, which does not border the sea. However, the warnings for tourists are in full force: for example, in the aforementioned British TV show, where tourists were urged to “stay away from the beach”. “Soon it will be too hot to lie on the beach in July and August,” its authors assure.

Greetings: by the way, because of the hellish heat, iconic attractions began to close: tourists are fainting – read the details here.

Quite serious and official warnings about the unheard-of heat, however, have also already been sounded in several countries and popular resorts, including the Canary Islands, Italy, Cyprus, and Greece. The European Space Agency is concerned about July temperatures across much of Europe: “Spain, France, Germany, and Poland are facing a severe heatwave, with temperatures on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia expected to reach 48 degrees Celsius – potentially the highest temperatures ever recorded in Europe,” it reports.

We will remind you that the cause of the infernal heat in Europe was the anticyclone “Cerberus”, named after the three-headed dog, which in ancient Greek mythology guards the gate to the underworld, fell on the popular resorts of Italy and Spain (read details in the article “Cerberus attacked tourists: infernal heat at the resort named after the three-headed dog that guarded Dante’s Inferno“).

Tourists planning vacations in these regions have been warned of “killer” temperatures that threaten health. A wave of debilitating inferno is heading for Europe from the Sahara, with the president of the Italian Meteorological Society, Luca Mercalli, warning of approaching record-breaking weather. “We know that the temperature will be higher than +40 or +45°C. We can get close to a historical record. In any case, the levels will be very high,” he emphasized.

We will remind you that the previous record was +48.8°C and was registered in the Sicilian city of Florida on August 11, 2021. In general, forecasters warned that July temperatures will exceed +40°C and 45°C.

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