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It became known how tourists are deceived in Turkey

Turkey remains the leader in the ranking of countries popular with Ukrainian tourists. Here everyone can find a holiday to their liking. Someone is ready to spend hours studying ancient palaces and parks, while someone is more pleasant to spend days and hours in famous Turkish hotels on the coast. However, the vacation of both of them can be ruined. What tricks the Turks use, “DIP” will tell.

Often tourists are deceived by the organizers of excursions. For example, when you see an offer that is cheaper than the market average, it’s better to be wary. Otherwise, already on the trip, it may turn out that you need to pay extra for something.

Another trick is that unscrupulous travel organizers “intercept” tourists from colleagues at the group’s gathering point and take people along the wrong route or to places worse than expected in the tour program. Therefore, get on the bus only to the guide who knows your first and last name, which you indicated when booking.

See a store that doesn’t have a price on a product? Most likely, the purchase price will depend on the seller. And foreigners are often forced to pay more than locals. The same rule applies to the market.

Some Turkish men actively seek out foreign women. Firstly, without a lady in the company, they may not be allowed into the club. Secondly, often a girl is called to a restaurant, and after dinner the “macho” leaves, leaving her passion to pay a huge bill.

Speaking of visiting cafes and restaurants. If you do not want to overpay, remember what exactly you order. When the dish is brought to you, be sure to ask again what it is. And study the bill carefully. Sometimes in especially busy restaurants and bars, by mistake of the waiter, there may be something that you did not order.

There are many sanatoriums and thermal complexes in Turkey. But here, too, you should be vigilant. Quite often scammers pretend to be doctors and try to “swindle” visitors into additional procedures at an inflated price list. If you want to get a massage or other spa services, order and pay for them only at the center’s cash desk.

Especially impudent Turks chase tourists on the beach and demand payment for being near the water. However, beaches are free on almost the entire coastline in Turkey. If you rest on your towel, without using local sunbeds and umbrellas, then you don’t even need to pay.

Another popular “divorce” is arranged by shoe shiners. For example, passing by you, one such professional seems to drop a brush or cream accidentally. You call on him to reclaim the loss. The Turk profusely thanks you and starts cleaning your shoes. You embarrassedly accept the service “as a gift,” and the cleaner demands payment. If the victim of deception tries to retreat, the fraudster begins to attract the attention of others. Many at this moment are lost and give money to the cleaner.

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