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In Turkey, they decided to move Russian tourists to hotels with Ukrainians and Poles

On average, Russian tourists are conscious and come “to rest, not to brawl.” This is how the Turkish side explained its rejection of the idea of forcibly separating tourists from Russia from tourists from Ukraine and Poland, settling them in different hotels. The Russian ambassador to Turkey Oleksiy Yerkhov told about this in an interview with TARS.

“According to some data, before the start of the current season, Turkish businesses considered the feasibility of implementing some kind of “segregation” in hotels, but it was decided not to implement such an option. First of all, not so many incidents were recorded last season, secondly, the calculation goes to the minds of tourists who come here to relax, not to brawl,” the “diplomat” explained in an interview.

However, he noted that from time to time information about conflicts on a national basis appears in social networks. We will remind them that they are actively “hated” by Polish tourists.

“A jolt of air on the Internet, even with a large number of likes, will not help protect your rights. If something illegal has happened to you, immediately contact the law enforcement agencies and the general consulate on the phone you should have,” Yerkhov explained. He also called on Russian tourists to “behave with dignity, not to succumb to provocations, not to indulge in hooliganism.”

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