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In Spain, a new fine was invented for tourists: music lovers were hit

Spanish authorities have issued a warning to tourists that they risk being fined more than 200 euros if they cycle with headphones.

As SchengenVisaInfo writes, the corresponding ban has been in effect in Spain since 2014, but not all tourists who come to the country know about it.

“Cyclists caught wearing headphones can face a €200 fine in Spain,” explained Cycle SOS group leader Lena Farnell.

At the same time, she emphasized that the relevant regulation is in force in the country for safety, because with headphones, cyclists cannot hear other sounds on the road, such as the signals of vehicles or the cries of pedestrians. The absence of headphones allows them to better feel their surroundings, which should minimize the number of traffic accidents.

“Wearing headphones while cycling can be a safety hazard to you and other road users. Listening to music compromises a cyclist’s ability to hear traffic, including emergency sirens,” Farnell said.

She also noted that similar norms apply in other European countries.

“Italy and Portugal take a different approach, requiring cyclists to wear only one earpiece while cycling, with a fine of around €160 if you wear both earpieces while cycling,” Farnell said.

As DIP reported, it became known earlier that smoking will be prohibited on 28 beaches of the three most popular resorts of the Balearic Islands (Spain) in the new tourist season.

In particular, four beaches in Majorca and five more in Ibiza were added to the smoke-free list this summer.

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