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In addition to a mega-earthquake, a volcanic eruption is predicted in Turkey

Turkey continues to be frightened by new forecasts of seismologists and their theories about cataclysms. This time – “domestic production”: now after the mega-earthquake in Turkey, a probable volcanic eruption is predicted. At least, in an interview with “Lente.Ru”, professor of the department of petrology and volcanology of the Faculty of Geology of Moscow State University, Pavlo Plechov, noted that, theoretically, there is indeed a possibility of intensification of volcanic activity as a result of an increase in the number and strength of earthquakes in Asia Minor, that is, on the territory of Turkey.

“Earthquakes and eruptions have one reason, earthquakes are harbingers of eruptions. Theoretically, today’s events can lead to the fact that after years, tens of years, some volcanic activity will intensify,” the expert said. Therefore, the activation of volcanism in the region of Asia Minor is worth waiting for, explained Mr. Plechov. He also added that, in general, the Turkish region is volcanically dangerous. However, the tourists who have come to Turkey this year will most likely not be in danger of “waking up on a volcano”, the process will drag on for at least several dozen years, the expert added.

We will remind you that other forecasts are much more gloomy – and much shorter. The Dutch seismologist Frank Hoogerbits, who predicted the previous earthquake in Turkey, warned tourists about a mega-earthquake at the beginning of March this year, as a result of which many resorts and cities will be destroyed. The expert’s conclusions are published on the page of the scientific institute SSGEOS, of which the scientist is an employee. According to them, an earthquake can occur from March 3 to 5 and touch at least 12 points on the planet. Moreover, the consequences will be much worse than the earthquake in Turkey, the expert is sure. According to preliminary forecasts, the magnitude of earthquakes will be catastrophic at 8.5 points and even higher. According to Hubertus, the unprecedented seismic activity will be caused by the expected convergence of the planets on March 2 and 5, which, due to their gravity, can cause a seismic disaster on Earth.

As a result, you will have to be alert in almost all earthquake-prone places on earth. In the list of 12 destinations, the experts included Greece — and, accordingly, Turkey, because if something happens in one of the countries, the neighboring one will also “reach”. The list also includes Japan, Indonesia, Portugal, Greece, and North America. The earthquake-prone eastern regions of Russia, primarily Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands, are also at risk. Read the details in this article.

By the way, on the Kuril Islands, and to be precise – on Paramushir, a volcano woke up. It is about the emission of ash by the Ebeko volcano, which occurred on Tuesday, February 28.

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