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How can a woman travel alone and not be afraid

Many girls refuse to leave if there is no fellow traveler nearby. Sometimes this happens even to those who like to be alone with themselves and relax alone. It’s all due to fear. It is considered unsafe for a woman to travel alone. Especially when it comes to Eastern countries.

However, these are just stereotypes that have long outlived their usefulness.


When choosing a hotel or apartment, firstly, pay attention to the reviews about the accommodation facility, and, secondly, before the trip, study the area in which the accommodation is located. It is better to choose an area that is located closer to the center, but in which many locals live.


Both a large company and a solo traveler can stumble upon small scammers. But you need to protect yourself in any case: keep money in different places and do not save on a safe in a hotel, and you can also make a stash and hide it in the most non-obvious place (in a sock, bra, diary, etc.) so that even in In an emergency, you are not left without money.


One of the advantages of solo travel is the ability to choose flights without adjusting to friends and significant other. Buy tickets for morning or afternoon flights, so as not to wander around at night with suitcases in an unfamiliar city.

Dress code

If you are traveling to a Muslim country, find out in advance how it is customary to dress in this culture and whether these requirements for tourists are preserved. In some cases, you will conclude that a seductive mini dress is best left at home.


This rule applies not only abroad, but also in your hometown: choose only trusted taxi services and do not catch the car with your hand. Of course, not all street drivers are dangerous, but it will not be superfluous to play it safe. If your phone is dead, go to the nearest hotel or cafe and ask the staff to call you a taxi.

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