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Hotel cleaner hid tourists’ valuables in her bra and was caught on a hidden camera

A hotel cleaner in the Spanish resort of Benidorm was caught stealing valuables from tourists after they installed a hidden camera in the room. The details of the story are shared by the Daily Mail tabloid.

In September, Alastair and Sue Conner, along with their 15-year-old son Jack, were on holiday at a four-star all-inclusive hotel in Benidorm. While on vacation, the family noticed cash, cigarettes and perfume began disappearing from their room and decided to install a hidden camera in the room.

The Conners discovered that the cleaning lady was stealing from them. She rummaged through the guests’ belongings, including underwear drawers, and hid valuables in her pockets and bra. The couple believed that in total the attacker stole things worth about 750 euros from them.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was disgusted. We spent £5,500 on a holiday we didn’t even enjoy,” said Alastair Conner. The travelers complained to the travel company, they apologized and promised to compensate clients for losses.

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