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Holidays in Spain will become more expensive for tourists

Barcelona is raising its tourist tax starting next week, Euronews reports.

The Spanish city introduced an additional tourism tax in 2012 to “attract quality tourism.” From April 1st, Barcelona’s tourist tax will increase again this spring. Since 2012, this popular tourist city has levied an additional fee on top of the region-wide tourist tax. In 2022, the city announced that the fee would increase over the next two years.

The amount of the city’s additional tax depends on where visitors are staying and is only levied on official tourist accommodation. Regional tax varies depending on your accommodation type. For four-star hotels it is 1.70 euros, for rental accommodation such as Airbnb it is 2.25 euros, and for five-star and premium hotels it is 3.50 euros. Cruise passengers spending less than 12 hours in the city pay the region 3 euros, and those spending more than 12 hours pay 2 euros.

The city tax, which applies to a maximum seven-day stay, constantly increases. In April 2023 it increased from €1.75 to €2.75 for all types of accommodation. From April 2024 it will increase again to 3.25 euros.

Guests at five-star hotels will pay a total of €6.75 per night – €47.25 per person for a week’s stay. For rental accommodation, fees will be €5.50 per night, or €38.50 for a week’s stay, in addition to the cost of accommodation per night. Cruise tourists spending one day in the city will pay 6.25 euros. The idea, according to the city’s mayor, is to encourage “quality” tourism instead of large numbers of visitors.

An increase in the tourist tax, which is shared between the Generalitat of Barcelona and the city council, will also strengthen the city’s budget. Authorities hope the fee will bring in up to 100 million euros in 2024. City officials said the proceeds will be used to fund city infrastructure, including improvements to roads, bus services, and escalators.

Barcelona is not the only tourist destination in Spain that taxes visitors. In the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera) a nightly fee of 1 to 4 euros is charged for each holidaymaker over 16 years of age. Valencia had planned to introduce a similar measure late last year, but it was scrapped after the 2023 elections.

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