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Holidays in hotels in Turkey have risen in price by more than 80% over the year

The cost of accommodation in Turkish hotels has increased by more than 81% over the past 12 months. This is reported by the publication Turizm Guncel with reference to the report of the National Institute of Statistics of the Republic.

According to the agency, in September inflation rose by 3.08% compared to the previous month and by 52.4% by the beginning of the year. This has traditionally affected the cost of services in the country.

In particular, the rental of real estate in Turkey increased by almost 10% over the month. And if we take a period of three quarters of 2022, then the growth was 85%. However, while the leaders are ticket prices in public transport. Since January, they have risen in price by 117%. This is followed by food – 93%, household goods – 90%.

As for the average cut of prices in hotels in Turkey, in monthly terms, the increase seems to be quite acceptable – 2.4%. However, compared to the beginning of the year, the average cost of placement has already risen by 55%, and compared to September 2021, by 81.3%.

It is worth explaining that the authorities are trying to actively fight inflation. In particular, in September, for the second time in a year, the Central Bank of the Republic lowered the key interest rate from 13 to 12%. Whether this will help to stop inflation and, accordingly, price growth, will be clear only at the end of October.

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