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France introduces tourist quotas and passes

If some countries miss the tourist flow, then France decided to deliberately reduce it.

Marseille was the first to do so. The city authorities have introduced tourist quotas and pre-booking for visiting local attractions.

Now only the first 500 people will receive permission to visit cultural sites when the usual daily than was 3 thousand tourists a day.

This idea was supported by the island of Corsica, which also introduced a limit on the number of tourists. Paris, where the number of tourists is about 2.5 million people, suffers the most.

The situation is complicated by vehicles because sightseeing buses are a nuisance to the locals, who lead life at their own measured pace.

“We don’t want tour buses to run around Paris in a completely anarchic way. Buses are no longer welcome in the city center,” Gregoire, a candidate for the mayor’s office of Paris, said.

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