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Five Unusual Prohibitions and Restrictions in North Korea

In North Korea, the authorities monitor everyone who lives in the country or even just comes for a while. So, it is known that a student from the USA, Otto Warmbier, was sentenced to 15 years of labor because of a poster torn down in a hotel. Here are some other restrictions and prohibitions in force in this state.

So, if you come to North Korea, you will encounter the following strange prohibitions.

On the move

And this applies to both moving around the country and traveling abroad (however, athletes, officials, and diplomats can visit other countries). If a person does not comply with these rules, then he will be sent to prison with unsanitary conditions. In addition, people can also live in the capital only with special permission.

To the Internet and calls to other countries

Mobile communications in North Korea only work with local subscribers. As for the Internet, instead of it operates in the country Gwangmyeon – the internal Internet. It also uses its operating system – Red Star, as well as its social network.

On foreign songs and films

This ban also applies to people who entered the country as tourists. If a person watches any South Korean film, then he can be given 5-15 years in prison. And the distribution of banned movies and music is punishable by death.

On blue jeans, hair dye, piercings, “wrong” hairstyles

And you can still wear black jeans. Also, hairdressers have only one paint – black, and it is intended only for painting over gray hair.

For the purchase of a car and real estate

Apartments are distributed in North Korea by the state, so you will not officially receive them. It is also impossible to move from the countryside to the capital since only the “chosen ones” live there. Although you can give a bribe, you will have an apartment with electricity. However, elevators are rarely used in the country, and the cheapest apartments are sold on the upper floors. Only men can drive a car in North Korea, and for this, you will have to obtain a special permit.

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