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Experts told us why it is impossible to wrap a suitcase in a film

They say that a Ukrainian at the airport can be identified by a suitcase wrapped in plastic wrap. So travelers try to protect their personal belongings in luggage from airport employees. However, in reality, this action only complicates the life of tourists. About why you should not do this – in the material “DIP”.

The film does not guarantee the safety

There are cases when thefts also happened from suitcases wrapped in foil. It is not difficult for unscrupulous employees to stretch the film and slightly open the suitcase. Even if there is something valuable there, if they want, they can safely take everything they need. Therefore, if you want to prevent theft, it is better to use a combination lock on your suitcase or hang an additional lock with a key.

Unidentified suitcase

There is a risk of confusing the suitcase on the luggage belt if it is wrapped in foil. Not all passengers look at the barcode with their last name, which is stuck on the suitcase after check-in. There is a chance that you will take someone else’s suitcase or someone will take your things. Such stress can greatly ruin a vacation at the very beginning. Or make it nervous to return home. In any case, the risk of confusing luggage is high, so you should be careful about this upon receipt.

Inability to get something out of the suitcase

Before you wrap your suitcase in foil, it’s best to make a list of the things you’ll need on the flight. Quite often it happens that a person remembers that he forgot, for example, a passport in a suitcase after it was wrapped with a film. As a result, the suitcase has to be unpacked and then wrapped again.

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