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Experts told in what positions it is dangerous to sleep on an airplane

The plane is considered one of the most comfortable and safe modes of transport, but passengers have one significant problem. Unless you’re flying first or business class, there’s zero chance of finding a comfortable sleeping position. In the material “DIP” – about the most dangerous positions to sleep in.

Feet in the aisle

Many passengers, if they do not have enough legroom, lie sideways in the seat and rest their hands on the armrest, and stick their legs out into the aisle. So it is comfortable to sleep, since the legs do not get numb, and you can also change the position of the body. In this position, the likelihood of accidental contact with your neighbor is minimal. However, the danger lies in the fact that the legs can become a target for passing people or, even worse, for the flight attendants’ cart. Its weight can reach 100 kilograms, and it may not notice your legs.

Leaning on the table

Another favorite pose for passengers is the head resting on a folding table. First, the biggest danger is dirt and infection. The fact is that these tables are not wiped or disinfected, so if you lie on this place with your head without wiping it, it is recommended to take a shower immediately after leaving the plane. Secondly, if you do not have a special pillow, it can be dangerous. While you are sleeping, the plane can fly into a zone of turbulence, and with serious shaking, your head will have a hard time.

At the porthole

Comfortable sleeping and, leaning on the fuselage of the aircraft, at the porthole. However, this position also has its nuances. It is also worth paying attention to the hygiene of this method. Imagine how many people per day leaned their heads and faces against this part of the plane and in this place. And if they flew from hot countries, then their sweat, cosmetics, and something else probably remained there. The flight attendants do not wipe these places in any way, so it is better to stock up on a blanket, or pillow, or at least put on a jacket with a hood to put it under your head.

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