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Experts advise tourists to avoid brightly colored suitcases

A security expert has warned about the risks of using brightly colored suitcases while traveling, the Daily Star reports.

Shahzad Ali noted that despite their stylish appearance, such suitcases attract unwanted attention. Instead, the expert recommends considering a less conspicuous, even worn, suitcase.

“Although a new and colorful suitcase may look more fashionable, it will be attractive to more than just you. It’s best to choose a suitcase that’s more casual-looking and, if possible, worn-in, so it doesn’t stand out from the crowd,” he advises.

The specialist emphasizes that it is imperative to use a reliable lock for security. According to him, this can significantly affect the safety of things. In addition, the expert recommends adding an identifier such as tape or a sticker to avoid confusion with suitcases while maintaining a discreet appearance.

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