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Egypt does not plan to abandon the all-inclusive system: what awaits tourists in 2024?

Egyptian hotels will not abandon the all-inclusive system, but there will be some changes in the service. The head of the tourism department of the republic, Amr Elkadi, told DIP about this.

“I don’t think so. The all-inclusive format is great for families with children who like to sit by the pool and enjoy the buffetanytimee. The decision is up to the hotels, and they continue to use the all-inclusive system, but with minor changes,” Elkadi said.

He added that many hotels in the republic, besides the classic buffet, will add the option of visiting À la carte restaurants.

“You can either visit the buffet or choose a restaurant in the hotel, for example, Italian, or Chinese, for which you also won’t pay extra,” explained Elkadi.

In this case, hotel guescan to visit different restaurants with their favorite cuisine for free.

According to the head of the tourism department, this approach will not only enrich hotel offerings but will also help reduce food waste. Elkadi emphasized the importance of combating food surpluses, calling them “haram” (prohibition) in Arabic.

“It’s bad for all of humanity when some people suffer and die of hunger, while others throw away food,” he sums up.

Last December, the head of the Association of Hoteliers and Managers of the Mediterranean, Kaan Kavaloglu, took the initiative to abandon the all-inclusive system and switch to an option where tourists choose only those options that they need, for example, giving up alcohol. Similar proposals are regularly received from representatives of the tourism industry.

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