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Egypt denies charging $1,000 tourist tax

Egypt has denied information about the introduction of a fee of $1,000 for tourists who have exceeded the 3-month visa-free stay. The official response appeared against the background of corresponding panic reports in the local media.

The authorities emphasized that such an amount appeared but in connection with measures to legalize foreigners living illegally in Egypt, who was given three months to legalize their status, which included the presence of a sponsor in the country and the payment of the specified amount.

It was clarified that the Prime Minister of Egypt, Mostafa Madbouly, approved a decree that obliges foreigners living illegally in the country to comply with new rules and procedures established by the Ministry of Interior. These measures include granting temporary residence licenses to foreigners who own real estate of a certain value.

The measures included granting a five-year renewable residence permit to foreigners who owned one or more houses in Egypt worth at least $200,000, or a three-year renewable residence permit to those who owned real estate worth $100,000.

To avoid misunderstandings, officials urged tourists not to trust rumors circulating on social networks and to get official information from verified sources. And so far, the only fees that must be paid by tourists are for entry visas, which are required from several countries.

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